Zeta Optima: Faster and Secure Way to Manage Your Tax Benefits

Zeta Optima

While we all look out for every opportunity that has the potential to offer tax benefits, the processes involved for such opportunities to materialise are often tedious and unworthy for the time spent. The process of registering eligible reimbursements against tax deductions is quite hard and unclear to such an extent that it often leads to hardships for individual taxpayers and their accounting counterparts.

Taking notice of this complicated situation of getting tax benefits with a hope to make it a lot easier for all the entities involved, the latest venture of renowned Directi group, namely, Zeta, has launched a fully digitised tax benefits programme under the banner of Zeta Optima. Let us understand what exactly is Zeta Optima and why is it proving to be a boon for accounting and finance departments of small as well as large enterprises.

Zeta Optima:

Zeta Optima is a fully-digitised employee tax benefits programme that can be managed through a single interface. The brains behind the said product claim that Zeta Optima is designed in such a way that the employees can increase their take home salaries by up to 80,000 INR every year. Zeta Optima is fully compliant with the Income-tax act and RBI guidelines.


Zeta Optima is available as an application on the Google Play Store and with the help of its unified interface, organisations can send grants electronically to employees across locations, access audit-ready statements and more. Employees can spend these grants via the Zeta payment suite, which includes the Zeta app, the MasterCard powered Super Card and the NFC-enabled Super Tag. The payments facility provided in the Optima can be used to pay at over 1 million outlets throughout the country. Moreover, it can be used to make online payments as well. So whenever you pay using the Zeta Optima platform, the payment records get automatically registered in the backend. The Optima platform also keeps an account of all your spending and generates your tax reports accordingly. This makes the whole tax reimbursement process a lot easier with just a few clicks involved.

Zeta Android App:

We at TasteOfAndroid, got a chance to play with the latest version of the Zeta Optima Android application and boy, it didn’t disappoint us. Initial usage suggested that the app is fast  and smooth working with minimalist design and cool combination of colors that is not hard on the user’s eyes. While using it for the first time, you need to set up a 4 digit pin to make the app secure. The home screen of the app shows the details of your Super card while there are tabs that includes information about Apps, Offers and Cards. You can use the Optima app as a digital wallet (just like Paytm) to spend across various online e commerce websites.

Optima Suite:

Optima Meal Vouchers

An electronic meal voucher programme that replaces non-compliant paper vouchers and meal cards, with a 100% compliant, fully digitised solution. Optima Meal Vouchers can be spent via the Zeta app and the Super Card at 3 lakh+ outlets.

Optima Medical Reimbursements

The first fully digitised medical reimbursements programme in India, Optima Medical Reimbursements lets employees file claims on-the-go via the Zeta app.

Optima Fuel & Travel Card

A digitised solution to manage fuel and transport expenses, employees receive grants from their organisations on their Optima Fuel & Travel Card. The balance in this virtual card can be spent at any fuel or vehicle maintenance station via the Super Card.

Optima Communications Card

The Optima Communications Card is a digital solution that helps users save up to 30% in taxes on communications bills. Employees receive their communications grants on their Optima Communications Card, which they can use to pay mobile, landline, data card and internet bills via the Zeta app.

Optima Gadget Card

The Optima Gadget Card not only allows employees to save up to 30% in taxes on the purchase of gadgets, it also helps organisations save tax on the gadget’s depreciation. Employees receive grants to purchase gadgets in their Optima Gadget Card, which they can either claim on a monthly basis or accumulate to purchase a gadget at the end of the year with the Super Card or via the Zeta app.

Optima Gift Card

With the Optima Gift Card, employees can receive tax-free electronic gift vouchers of up to Rs 5000 in value from their employer. These gift vouchers can be spent at over 11 lakh outlets and online through the Zeta Super Card or the Zeta app.

Optima Books & Periodicals Card

Designed to encourage, sharpen and develop new skills, the Optima Gift Card is a digital solution to claim reimbursements on journals, reading materials, books and more.


We will be exploring more about the Zeta Optima and is app platform soon. So stay tuned to know more about the Zeta Optima and how it can be used to increase your tax benefits.