Top 5 applications for students

In the modern day scenario of education and digitalization of the world, students across the globe have various tools at their disposal to hone their skills, develop as an individual or even open doors for them for various opportunities for them. The digitalization of the world provides the students with the tools that might just give them an edge over others in this competitive environment we live in. These digital tools can be significantly helpful for students if they are used to their potential.

Below you will find a list of such applications.


With the inevitable hectic schedules that students are bound with, it is not uncommon for the students to be overwhelmed if the schedule is too complicated to follow.

Studious is an application built specifically for students to help them remember important assignments and tests by letting them save these dates as they are made aware of them and studious does the rest.

Studious provides additional services like silencing your phone in class to avoid being disturbed by the constant distractions notifications have to offer.

Studious also lets you save notes in the app that allows the students to keep track of what they learnt or just specific points that are too important to forget.

Overall, Studious equips the student with relevant tools which make the app a must have for every student.

The application can be downloaded here: Studious


Acquired by LinkedIn, Slideshare provides students with a large amount of presentations, graphics and videos to summarize various topics in a much more organized and understandable manner.

Slideshare is a library filled with presentations prepared by experts to cover almost any topic students could be looking for in a comprehensive and organized manner.

Not just restricted to students, slideshare can be used by professionals to get a deeper knowledge about their industry. Students can explore there parts of the app to get valuable insight and perspective.

Slideshare has a massive database consisting of over 15 million presentations, info-graphics and videos.
The application can be downloaded here: Slideshare


Coursera is an application giving students the opportunity to take a variety of free and paid courses at the convenience of their homes of in transit from the vast menu of courses coursera has to offer.

Coursera allows students to stream lecture videos on their phones or computers to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Coursera also provides specialized courses from prestigious educational organizations which certify the students with the skills they seek to develop. This can help in career advancements.

Coursera can be accessed and explored in various languages to make it available to as many people as possible. Students can assess their understanding by taking quizzes, projects etc.
The application can be downloaded here: Coursera


Evernote is a platform that allows it’s users to organize their work and keep it safe across different platforms.
Users can save and organize their work by written notes, pictures, PDFs on the app with an easy to use interface allowing for efficient storage and organization of important information.

The data stored and organized by the users makes it way across platforms, syncing everywhere. This data can be accessed anywhere at anytime which makes it a very convenient function for its users.

Evernote can be used to make checklists, set reminders and gather thoughts while progressing through the day which makes the application significantly helpful for students.

The application can be downloaded here: Evernote


BenchPrep is an application designed to assist students aspiring for mba colleges in their preparation for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, MCAT, SAT and more.

The application allows you to study whenever and wherever you want. BenchPrep uses various tools to prepare the student for these exams, including study plans, lessons, practice questions, practice exams etc.

A student can evaluate one’s preparation for such exams using this application at their convenience. BenchPrep has an easy to use interface with cross-device support and complete browser support.

BenchPrep helps students get that edge in their preparation which they may need to tip the odds in their favour by going the extra mile in their preparation in a fun and engaging way. BenchPrep is a must have for anyone who aims to score well in these exams.

The application can be downloaded here: BenchPrep

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