The Nexus 6P Demands The Extra Protection, Grip & Style Of A Skin

After a long run with LG, Google has turned to the Chinese company, Huawei to produce their next Nexus. So far, Huawei has proven itself as a quality manufacturer, as the Nexus 6P’s turning out to be an impressive smartphone. Weighing in at just 179 grams and merely 7.9mm it’s a small but mighty phone. Hidden by its small stature is a long list of specs that its users love – a 5.7 inch quad HD screen with 518 PPI, a front and rear-facing camera of astounding quality and ergonomically placed fingerprint scanner. With so many cool additions to this generation of the Nexus line, you’ll want to make sure your phone gets the best in protection.

When it comes to kitting out your 6P with protection, your product research has brought you to a fork in the road. You can either go with a case or a skin. The more you read, the more you’ll realize that cases are a rather complicated addition to you phone. They never quite fit the unique dimensions of your 6P, as there needs to be tabs or hinges in order for it open. This takes up valuable space your Nexus doesn’t have, adding unnecessary and unattractive bulk to your smartphone. Many times, case manufacturers release their product before they’ve refined it, and their design can affect the camera’s autofocus, the front-facing speakers, and the fingerprint sensor. As these are all things that made you buy the phone in the first place, why would you ever get a case that inhibits these functions?

Skins, on the other hand, work in combination with your Nexus. They’ll be custom-cut to the unique size of the 6P and barely add millimetres to it – so don’t worry, it won’t go over 10cm with a skin. Quality skin providers know better to rush these things, so they spend the time to perfect their processes until they can guarantee the best fit possible. As you can see when you check out they’re working away with their engineers and designers so you can expect a skin that fits to the millimetre, with no unappealing overlaps or shortages that can affect the features of your phone. As soon as they have a product they would be happy to fit on their own 6Ps, then they’ll email you with a notification.

It can be worth the wait when you purchase through a quality skin provider. With skins, Nexus 6P users can customize their smartphone to take on a look that breaks through the boring aluminum, graphite, and frost colours. The skins Nexus 6P owners love come in a variety of eye-catching colours and textures to suit any style. Combine a vibrant red with matte black to add sophistication to the Nexus; or, go with a fan-favourite of blue carbon fiber.

It doesn’t matter what yours looks like, as long as you love it. Find the combination of colours and textures that turns your crank, and get a customized skin guaranteed to fit your Nexus perfectly. It’s the least you can do for your high-performing Google phone.

Shubham is a Technology and Smartphones lover from India. Pursuing his degree in IT engineering. Besides technology, he loves riding bike, chatting with friends. Feel free to add him on social networks.