Technology is setting up new milestones for Education

Most schools and colleges in India are now resorting to technology to make education more effective and make learning more fun to the learners. With boom of online industry, E-learning has become very popular. Recently, one of my friend who is studying in one of the bcom colleges in Hyderabad, told me how they have to complete their assignments and then mail it to their teachers, so the traditional method of writing, making a file and then submitting seems outdated now. Now, most of the students I know resort to online videos to understand concepts. I am sure you would have heard about Roman Saini, a doctor and IAS officer who was so much in the news all over the place because he quit his job just for taking up free e-tutoring full time! So this is the impact technology is making in our lives. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh distributed laptops amongst students to make them more technology oriented and make them enjoy the benefits of Internet and education. We all must have seen those Idea adds where people are shown to learn so much through the internet. So basically, the benefits are that you can have your own learning hours and no fixed timings that make things really lot easier for you.

Even if we have to translate anything from one language to another, technology comes to our rescue where we can easily change Russian to Hindi with just a click of the mouse. Let it be any college, this method works for all. There is nobody in the current world who has not tasted the benefits of technology. Technology is doing a great job in creating more opportunities for everyone. Maybe one day we would not have real teachers and would just have to resort to technology for Education and learn.

Now we also have e-books so now we would be spared of carrying the heavy books wherever we go, with the help of the kindle, now we can take thousands of books with us wherever we go, that too, just in our pocket. So my friend, the one from bcom college in Hyderabad, who also is a voracious reader told me how she has more than twelve thousand books stacked in her kindle that goes along with her wherever she goes. Imagine!

So technology is really setting up new milestones for education and is revolutionizing our education system in a way that now it is better than ever.

Shubham is a Technology and Smartphones lover from India. Pursuing his degree in IT engineering. Besides technology, he loves riding bike, chatting with friends. Feel free to add him on social networks.