5 Steps To Find a Best Laptop For You

So, you have finally decided to buy a laptop. But which one you should go with? There is a long list for that question but all that matters is your purpose of buying a laptop and the price range. Not everyone can afford a MacBook and many of them who can afford, they don’t seem to like it. It all depends on your priorities. We will make your path to buying a laptop easy for you by giving you a road map as to how can you start your search for the best laptop for you:

Step 1: Fix Your Budget.

This is the first and the very basic one. Don’t waste your time reading about the laptops which are out of your budget. For example if you have a budget around 35,000 rs then you should search laptops under 35000, this will save your time and effort. Also, it’s probably not a great idea to compromise on quality for some extra bucks. Be flexible and keep looking for the new laptops to add to your wishlist.

Step 2: What is your ideal screen size?

This can be sometimes tricky. Many people like laptops with a large screen, which looks bulky for the other half of the masses. Now, these days, 15.6-inch laptops seem to be a little outdated and people tend to buy laptops having a screen size of 14.4 inches or less. Set your ideal screen size, which will narrow down your results to a great extent.

Step 3: Make a list of all the specifications that you want:

It largely depends upon the purpose for which you are buying the laptop. If you want the laptop for mainly gaming purpose, then you need at least 4 GB RAM along with minimum 1 GB Graphics card. You might also want to give a thought for your favorite Operating System, Brand, Storage etc. From your wishlist, match the laptops with your required description and filter them accordingly.

Step 4: Read User Reviews.

This is probably the most important part of your laptop purchase safari. Many laptops seem good from their description but fail to impress the users when they start using them. To counter that, read user reviews on the internet, watch YouTube videos about the laptop and you will get to know more about how your favorite laptop is going to be.

Step 5: Compare prices and pick the final one.

Check the prices of the laptops on the internet. You can also consider buying your laptop online as many websites offer pretty amazing deals on electronic gadgets. Select your favorite one. But, as mentioned in Step 1, never ever compromise on quality for a few hundred bucks.

Shubham is a Technology and Smartphones lover from India. Pursuing his degree in IT engineering. Besides technology, he loves riding bike, chatting with friends. Feel free to add him on social networks.