Promo Code support enabled on Google Play

Promo Code support

Google has finally updated the Play Store with Promo Code support. Android developers and application marketers will henceforth be able to market their applications, as well as distribute copies of paid apps for free, and more, by way of promo codes. App makers will now be able to distribute codes for both apps and in-app content.

Interestingly, Apple has been providing Promo Code support on its App Store for quite some time now.

As stated by Android Police, the details surrounding the implementation are available in Google’s help documentation.

According to the latest development, developers will be able to distribute up to 500 free codes per quarter. Also, those that are not used will not roll over to the next quarter. However, developers have the liberty to set start and end dates for the codes, and they can pause promotions at any time. Apple’s promo code policy allows developers to request up to 100 promo codes for every version of their application. In addition, Apple’s promo codes don’t work for in-app purchases, its developer documentation states.

Google’s promo codes can be used for apps and content, but not for subscriptions. In order to use promo codes for in-app purchases, developers will first need to integrate in-app promotions, as stated by Google.

This latest offering by google is a significant gift to the Google Play app developers. The Promo Code support helps them to promote their apps in a more efficient manner during promotional events, giveaways etc.