Modify Android ROM zip file

Hello friends,

Today I will make a short tutorial about how to open up and modify the ROM zip file, so you can edit the chinese ROMs and delete any kind of Bloatware/chinese apps, Unnecessary ringtones, Bootanimation, TTS (text-to-speech), unnecessary APKs and all that.

After removing those unnecessary files, you will find that you have reduced the ROM size preety much (almost by 10-30MBs sometimes), which (I think) will help you make your android faster that the original ROM.

It could be illegal to modify ROM files (since some copyrights sometimes), so do it on your OWN responsibility, Do not blame me later!

Follow these steps (screenies provided) :

1. Download and extract

Download the ROM file (zip usually), and Extract that file to a folder where you can access those files (mostly on desktop)using WinZip or WinRar extractors.

2. In Extracted folder

You will find 3 folders named META-INF, Recovery and System and a File named Boot.img

Do not touch any file/folder except System.


3. In System folder

You will find many folders in there. Don’t touch these folders – Bin, Etc, Framework, Lib, Usr, WiFi, Xbin and also don’t touch Build.prop – (I don’t want you to go complicated and delete some main Libraries which might harm your device).

4. Deleting APKs

Lets start from first folder – App. Go into App folder. You will find all the APK files which are installed on the first boot of ROM. Now you are free to install the APKs that you don’t want, like if I don’t use VoiceSearch, then I will remove VoiceSearch.apk. I also do not use wallpapers which come default in the ROM, I use my own wallpapers from gallery, so I delete wallpapers.apk. Also some I will remove some chinese apps which I don’t want. Check out the image below, I have crossed those files I won’t like to be installed on my device, so I will delete them.


5. Adding and deleting new Fonts

So now, after deleting the unnecessary APKs, Let’s move to next folder. If you have some different kind of fonts that you want to be preinstalled into the ROM after first boot, then go into Fonts folder and copy the fonts you already have and paste them into ROMs fonts folder. If you use only english lanuage, then you can also delete some fonts named : DroidSansArabic.ttf, DroidSansHebrew.ttf, DroidSansThai.ttf, etc. (check image below)


I have ROBOTO font’s zip (ICS style font), you can extract it on your PC and copy the inside files and paste in ROM’s fonts folder.

ROBOTO Font (only CM7) : link

6. Media, Ringtones and BootAnimation

In Media folder, you will find and folder named audio and sometimes wallpapers folder too.

You can delete, if you don’t want bootanimation at the Boot. You can also delete wallpapers folder if you don’t want wallpapers.

Now go into Audio folder. Now you can delete whichever ringtone/notification tone/alarm tone/system tone (sometimes boot sound folder -poweron- too) which you don’t ever use!  I never use lock/unlock sounds, so I delete them.


You can also add some new tones, make sure its in the format .ogg

7. Text-To-Speech (TTS)

If you never use TTS service like me, then delete the folder named TTS.

8. Zipping everything Back

After all these editing, now you are all set to zip the ROM back and install it. For zipping it, select all files and folders in the ROM’s main folder, right click and select “Add to archive” and use zip format to compress them all.


9. Flash ROM and enjoy

Only thing remaining is to put that zip into SDcard and install it from ClockWorkMod recovery and Enjoy the faster ROM!

Ask me by commenting below, if you have any problems.

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Shubham is a Technology and Smartphones lover from India. Pursuing his degree in IT engineering. Besides technology, he loves riding bike, chatting with friends. Feel free to add him on social networks.