Flagship smartphones of Chinese brands Zopo and Thl successfully work on CPU MTK6592

MediaTek is now globally recognized fables company introducing to mobile market the latest and most powerful CPUs. The company was established in 1997 starting with chipset creation for global market. Until recently the MediaTek CPUs were not of great interest to leading mobile developers. However in the recent past the company has created something really ingenious being the mobile CPU MTK6592. Mobile developing monsters of China have trusted their flagships to MediaTek CPU innovations and have come trumps.

The latest CPU by MediaTek widely employed in ZOPO and THL devices is MTK6592 being a true octa core mobile platforms ensuring smooth multitasking even for the most demanding and power consuming apps and 3D gaming. The new mobile processor is the first in its kind heterogeneous unit with scalable 8-core processing for superior connectivity, superior flawless multitasking and for reproducing of leading media innovations. The CPU is built on the advanced on the 28nm high performance technology (HPM). Each of the 8 CPU cores is able to speed up to 2GHz. Moreover the MTK6592 CPU involves a revolutionary high-end multimedia subsystem with 4-core graphic engine in its heart for incredible viewing experience. Still all of these features are just promised by the MediaTek developer, but are they real? To understand what a MTK6592 or MTK6592W means for a smartphone there is a short review of top smartphones by leading Chinese mobile developers ZOPO and THL which you can find at Flosmall mobile shop  getting comprehensive information on tech features and specifications.


A flagship smart device THL T200 is driven with MTK6592W working at the frequency of 1.7GHz and powered with graphic engine Mali-450MP4 and 2Gb RAM. Such a combination of engines provides smooth operation of 6.0”FHD display, ultra HD pro Camera (13MP rear and 8MP front ones). The developer claims this device to beat iPhone 5S.

THL T200


THL T100S is another monster smartphone of the brand run with MTK6592W and getting the same technical features as THL T200. The device gets 5.0” FHD OGS display, 13MP dual camera, 1080p HD video and multimedia recording support.



Another Chinese mobile vendor using MTK6592 is ZOPO. The greatest device from the brand is ZOPO ZP990+. The phone features true 8-core processor with simultaneous loading of all 8 cores. The CPU is coupled with powerful GPU and 2Gb RAM. Its FHD LTPS 6.0” display is designed for an ultimate viewing and gaming experience. Pro preself 8MP front camera and standard 13MP rear one ensure the highest quality of pics.



Another device of the brand worth attention is ZOPO ZP1000 being a new 2014 smartphone driven with octa-core engine at the frequency of 1.7GHz added with 1Gb RAM. It is a simpler solution for undemanding users. The device gets two cameras of 14MP rear and 5MP front, 2 SIM cards and an average battery of 2000mAh.



ZOPO ZP998 is one of the most wanted Chinese flagships on the market. The device comes with 5.5 PPI FHD display, MTK6592 octa-core smartphone platform coupled with 2Gb RAM and Mali-450MP GPU. 2.0 aperture camera (14MP) will shoot the best quality photos.



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