Five Addictive Android Games

Android games can best be played with smartphones as they give mind-blowing reasons to enjoy to the fullest. The device becomes the perfect substitute towards experiencing heightened and electrifying times of your life. There cannot be a better way since the games can be played by people of all age group. These games provide you the best reason of experiencing some of the prized moments of life. Needless to say, that besides removing your boredom, you equally ensure fun-filled moments which cannot be expressed in mere words.

Following are the Five Addictive Android Games

Drop 7


The game houses various highly interesting and sophisticated ploys and mobile owners will ensure rocking time of their lives. Since, solving puzzles can’t be more interesting than this. Zynga the renowned name of making various popular Facebook games has been instrumental towards producing this game and it gives you the luxury to play online against your friends as well. Hence, it can indeed be termed to be an addictive game which will make every body awestruck for sure.

Temple Run


Justice won’t be done to the list if there is no mention of Temple run since it is regarded to be a popular game in android market. The whole action revolves as you steal a cursed idol from the temple and you have to be at your best towards running for your life in order to save yourself from the Demon Monkeys. The game gives you innovative ways to bind your interest every time you play such a great game.



If you value creativity and innovativeness then there cannot be any other game which will accomplish your desires and wants than this one. The essence of the game is to “build complex machines towards accomplishing easy tasks”. Hence, you are supposed to build bulldozers, cranes along with other machines towards easing your way. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss playing it for sure.

Fruit Ninja


You cannot forget playing the game where you have to slash the fruits after tossing them up. The whole exercise requires the art of literally dicing and slashing them up. The graphics is another thing to be mesmerized to the core. Therefore, you are going to experience the best time of your life by playing the game.

Zombie Highway


If you love speed and looking for a game to counter the effects of zombies, then it is for you. You have to be at your best towards shooting them. Excellent graphics further enhance the charisma of the game. The feeling of crushing zombies with your junk cars cannot be described in mere words. You will develop even greater interest due to the availability of various weapons.

Finally, after reading the five addictive android games, you know that you will have reasons to live a stress free and energetic life as problems will go away through the wind. Therefore, you will ensure never ending and sophisticated times of your life away from any sort of boredom and dullness. Great, isn’t it?

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