Cheap and Affordable Android Tablets from Nook

Tablets have been dominating the smartphone market since long, and have now developed their own isolated market status – the Tablet Market. There was even a time when no one paid even a single heed to these tablets, but with the rapid growth of technology and online internet needs of the people, the tables have now gained a colossal demand among the business men, teachers and students. Tablets are in fact a lot different from smartphones, as a matter of fact, sometimes, a layman often refers a smartphone as a “mobile phone with features such as a PC” where as he refers a tablet to a mini and hand held PC.

However, buying a tablet is no way an easy job, you have to break the piggy banks or for students, you have to perhaps spend hours and hours to sanction a few bucks to get your tablet. The average price of tablets these days is around $350 – which is indeed a lot of healthy money. But guess what, we have a really mouth watering offer for you, because you can now buy high-end android tablet from Nook for only a few pounds.

Nook has a bunch of cheap and high-end Android tablets for people who can’t afford much. And believe me folks, the word cheap fits these Nook tablets only when we take into account the price of it because the specifications of these cheap Nook Android tablets are undoubtedly awesome.

Here Are the 4 Awesome and Cheap Nook Android Tablets

Nook Simple Touch

The Nook Simple touch is the cheapest Android tablet from nook. It has a decent 6 inch touchscreen with an 800 MHz processor. And in addition to this, the Nook Simple Touch tablet is also light in weight – the exact figures for the weight are 212 grams and can also sustain for 2 months on a single charge.

Price – 79 Pounds

Nook Simple Touch Glowlight

This Android tablet from Nook is almost same as the above mentioned tablet, the only difference is that it has a lighter weight of 197 grams and can sustain only 1 month on a single charge.

Price – 109 Pounds

Nook HD

This tablet is the second best tablet from Nook. It has an impressive 7 inch screen with HD display; has a weight of 315 grams and has a highly capable processor with 2 cores(Dual-Core) and 1.3 GHz of speed.

Price – 159 Pounds

Nook HD+

Now here comes the big, but the cheap thing from Nook. Nook HD is the best, yet a cheap Android tablet from Nook, it has a 9 Inch screen with full HD display and a dual core processor with 1.5 GHz of speed. However, the weight of this tablet is a bit more than the previous ones, which is about 510 grams.

Price – 229 Pounds

Impressed, right? Such highly equipped Android tablets for just a few bucks. Well if yes then go out and try one yourself.