Android Tablet vs iPad vs Windows Tablet: A basic Comparison

Are you looking to buy a tablet device? Then you feel confused to choose the best one for you from the big collection of tablets. Tablet PC has become very popular in these days, as a result, almost all the tech giants have introduced their own tablet devices. So, you will face a big number of choices when you will go to buy a tablet for yourself.

The tech giant company Apple introduced iPad, Microsoft introduced Windows tablets and Google introduced Android tablets. It is tough to choose a product among them. If you want to buy a tablet but can’t choose a proper one among these devices, here is given a basic comparison of Android tablet vs iPad vs Windows tablet to help you.

Android Tablet


The Android Operating System was introduced by Google. It can run on tablets with the same formula that it uses  to run on Smartphones. You will find a huge number of Android tablets in the market, most of the big tablet manufacturers use this operating system on their tablet devices. This is only because it is quite easy to get the Android OS  from Google and they allow this OS to any manufacturer who can provide them enough money.


As the Android OS has a big marketplace, you will be able to get a well-featured Android tablet easily. Again, as the marketplace is big, the price of Android tablet is comparatively lower than other tablet device. Though Android tablets don’t support any kinds of apps, but you will get some special features of Google if you buy an Android tablet.



Among all the tablets available in the market, iPads are known as the most well designed devices. You will get an access to lots of apps via an iPad device. Most of the parts of an iPad is designed and powered by Apple, so it comes as an amazing device to its customers. It is a proper tablet device for making regular web browsing and email checking.


The only negative impact of the iPad is there is no USB  ports in an iPad, still it is recommended as it has a big marketplace of apps. Though it doesn’t support full functional apps, there are some unique apps that can help users in many ways. That’s why many businessmen keep their full faith on this tablet device.

Windows Tablet


The most amazing fact of Windows tablets is you can run everything on your Windows tablet that you run on your personal computer or laptop. Well, the advantage of Windows tablets is it has used computer OS in tablets, while iPad and Android tablets run on mobile OS. So, you will get a full package of OS with a Windows tablet.


The negative part of a Windows tablet is its battery life, it doesn’t have a battery life more than 4 hours, while the battery life of an iPad is minimum 8 hours. Still this OS is used by the famous manufacturers like Samsung,  Asus and many more. You will also find the stylus with this device, this is a unique service of Windows tablets.

So, it was the basic comparison of Android tablet vs iPad vs Windows tablets. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in comments below!

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