3 best sports games for Android

Best sports games for Android

As Android is gaining popularity, the developers are also coming up with best apps and games on Google Play Store. Playing games has become easier because of smartphones. You can just take out your phone, start playing games. In all the different categories in games section, sports might have a low fan-base than others like MMOs or strategic games, but there are some great sports games that you can cling on for hours. Most of these graphic rich games come with the freemium model, but they can still be played without paying money. Here are 3 best sports games for Android.


Best sports games for Android - Fifa 16

Since FIFA 17 is still in works, FIFA 16 is the current flagship of FIFA franchise. EA’s FIFA games have always been popular where players can bring together the best players in world and make a team out of them. Game revolves around concept of Ultimate Team where you start with handful of players and win matches and buy better player cards, taking your team to the top. Game has over 10000 players and over 500 licensed teams which gives players a lot of options to build their team. Ofcourse you can pay and buy high level cards, but the game is still playable without having to spend money. If you like to play sports games online, bettingtop10.com provides a good list of games and entertainment.

Download FIFA 16 for Android here.

World Cricket Championship 2

Best sports games for Android - World Cricket Championship 2

If you love cricket, you must have played World Cricket Championship back in 2013. After so long, Nextwave Multimedia have come up with sequel to the popular cricket game as World Cricket Championship 2. The game comes with different modes such as Practice Mode, Quick Play Mode, 5 different tournament modes including World T20 cup and ODI series. You still have to unlock these modes using coins. You can also challenge your friends to play online matches. Users can also form their groups or gangs in Gangs of Cricket to complete challenges.

Again this game comes with freemium model where you can purchase or earn the coins and you can then buy stadiums or tournaments. Though the game has spoofed names of players, because the game isn’t licensed.

Download World Cricket Championship 2 for Android here.

NBA 2K16

Best sports games for Android - NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 is the best basketball game you can find for your mobile and that’s the reason that even though the game came out in 2015, it still is in the top charts. There is only so much developers can give you on a mobile version of such a big game, but this game manages to provide many choices for gameplay. Four different modes offered by the game are Quick Game, Season, My Career, and Blacktop. Career mode will give you a lot of customizations for your baller. Controls are the usual ones – buttons and virtual stick. The game is huge and graphics heavy, so you better have a device good enough to handle it.

Download NBA 2K16 for Android here.

Finishing up

There are many other good sports games in Google Play Store such as True Skate or Archery Master 3D, but these are my picks for 3 best sports games for Android. Which are your favourites? Let me know in comments below!

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